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Make Your Home Look Aesthetic With Professional Exterior Painters’ Artistic Touch

Our Team

At W&C Brothers, we recognize that your house is a canvas on which your most important recollections are painted. IT’s more than just a place where you live. We have skills in improving houses through professional exterior painting services. W&C Brothers is your number-one choice for excellent painting, whether you’re painting a modern or antique property to bring back its timeless charm or updating your modern house.

A Masterpiece needs Your Home Transformation

Every Marietta, Georgia, home can, in the opinion of W&C Brothers, become a work of art. The company we own and operate has many years of experience in the area and specialize in painting as well as remodeling your living space. Our committed team refreshes your home by blending modern materials with traditional manufacturing. We guarantee that every painted surface not only looks great but also last.

Why Do You Need Exterior Painters for Your Houses and Buildings?

There are several reasons why one needs exterior painting services to maintain the good condition of your home. Exterior painting serves you with benefits such as:


  • Enhanced Curb Appeal
  • Increased Property Value
  • Protection Against the Elements
  • Durability
  • Identifying and Fixing Issues
  • Expertise and Efficiency
  • Safety Considerations
  • Cost-Effective in Long Terms
  • Stress-free Experience
  • Customization

Why You Should Choose W&C Exterior Painters in Marietta?

exterior painters in Marietta

Are you feeling bored of seeing your home with the old colors? It is normal. Your home is your heaven and the heaven should be colorful to look aesthetic. W&C exterior painters in Marietta, know this fact. Their professional team of exterior painters can change your home’s dull look into a bright colorful paradise. They know that your home is more than just a place to live in.

They provide you with all the services of exterior painters in Marietta, whether you are planning to paint your home to bring back its charm or thinking of changing its complete look, W&C exterior painters in Marietta, are here to offer you a wide range of services. So, look no further take a step towards W&C exterior painters and enjoy their services in Marietta.

Knowledge and Skill 

Experience is essential and our staff has much of it. W&C Brothers have remodeled numerous homes in Marietta. Regardless of the size of the project, our experienced painters bring expertise, passion, and perfection to every painting job they do. Our brushes provide a smooth, even, and perfectly aligned final product with each stroke. 

Excellent materials 

At W&C Brothers, we think that the durability of our work is just as important as the way it looks. We insist on using only the best paints and finishes accessible gained from the most trustworthy suppliers, for this purpose. We pick goods that are highly resistant to damage and have brilliant, permanent colors. It makes them suitable for overcoming the severe climate of Marietta, from the hot summers to the cool winters. These materials protect your house from the elements, damage, and time while also improving its appearance.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction 

Our effort to achieving your satisfaction begins as soon as you get in touch with us. Great attention to detail is the standard at W&C Brothers. We are aware that one happy client at a time builds our reputation, therefore we go beyond what is necessary in all that we do. It isn’t our duty to say you’re not happy with the result. 

Free Consultation & affordable Pricing

The first step towards a freshly exterior painting services is a quick, no-obligation consultation. We pay focus on your wants, choices, and concerns during this first meet. After the discussion, we offer a complete, reasonable and brief estimate. The foundation of our business is honesty, so there won’t be unexpected or undeclared costs. It’s about giving you confidence and a paint job that adds to the beauty and value of your house, rather than only painting your house a fresh coat of color. W&C Exterior Painters in Marietta, has a team of professionals who understand that your home is more than a place where you live in. It should look aesthetic. Our team has expertise with years of experience in exterior painters services. Their services are easy to avail in Marietta. Our committed and experienced team can not only just change your home look but also take care that it can last for long.

Benefits of Hiring the Services of Professional Exterior Painters in Marietta

There are various benefits of hiring the services of professional painters. These include:

It boasts up the curb appeal of your home.

Hiring their services can increase the market value of your property.

Using their services can keep your house from weather damage elements, pests, and other potential damages.

Hiring these services can save you long-term cost savings by preventing your home from repairing and maintenance costs.

It increases the life of your home exterior surfaces.

It also increases the aesthetics of your home in the neighborhood along with increasing the satisfaction of the homeowner.

W&C Brothers Exterior Painters: Your Trusted Partner in Marietta

W&C Brothers Exterior Painters in Marietta, is your trusted partner. With 35+ years of experience, we provide a track record of customer satisfaction record with good reviews. Clients’ satisfaction is our top priority and that builds our reputation different from others. It is our duty to make our clients happy with the best services we can provide.

W&C Brothers Exterior Painters in Marietta, offer an affordable cost structure. They provide a wide range of services with a budget friendly fee- structure. They can help your needs with a reasonable pricing structure that is both facilitating and friendly to your budget.

Client needs and queries are important to us. For making clients comfortable W&C Exterior Painters in Marietta, provides the option of free consultation. Yes, you can discuss your needs and concerns in this first meeting with us. We pay focus to your concerns.

ers with their houses. Allow us to show to you how our professionals can turn your property into a work of art that shines out.
Our services Include

As a leading company, W&C Painters for Exterior in Marietta, provides a wide range of services to our customers.

These include:

  • Exterior Painter Services

Exterior Painter Services in marietta

W&C Brothers Exterior Painters in Marietta, offers a range of exterior painter options. Whether it is your home or office we can do what makes your home look aesthetic. We ensure a perfect finish with careful preparation, by using high-quality painting materials,  and other modern methods.

We use methods that increase the durability of your home.

  • Exterior Trim & Details

Painters for Exterior Trim & Details in Marietta

Since we take care of every minute aspect that can be satisfactory for our clients. Trimming is one of them. A perfect and detailed touch is necessary for trimmings, doors, roofs, window frames, door frames etc. We take care of these to enhance the overall look of your property.

  • Exterior Garage Doors Painters

Painters for Exterior Garage Doors in Marietta

Your doors are the first thing a visitor notices at first sight. W&C Brothers Exterior Painters in Marietta, helps you with their team of professionals. Their services not only enhance the appearance of your garage doors but also the quality of the paints they use increasing their lifespan.

  • Exterior Deck & Railing Painters

Exterior Deck & Railing painters in Marietta

No other subject of your home is exposed to damage than the decks and fences of your home. W&C Brothers Exterior Painters in Marietta, take care of your home exterior stuff. They offer options to paint your fences and decks to enhance their appearance and provide protection.

  • Exterior Fixing & Setting

Exterior painters in marietta for Fixing & Setting

To go for exterior painter services it is necessary to work on a smooth surface. W&C Brothers Exterior Painters in Marietta, offers a range of options for careful preparation by providing options like replacing and mending your damaged stuff. This option makes sure that your exterior painter services last and look aesthetic in neighborhood.

  • Exterior Brick Painters

Exterior Brick Painters in marietta

We offer brick painting services that involve the process of applying a coat of paint on bricks. It provides aesthetic touch, protection, and uniformity. We ensure to use specialized techniques to make it last long.

  • Painting and Staining Services

Exterior Painting and Staining Services in marietta

We offer painting and staining services that involve the process of applying paint on wood, concrete, and metal surfaces. We ensure to provide the best. Our preparation process involves cleaning, sanding, and priming to ensure smooth and durable finishing.

  • Power Washing Services

We offer power washing services that involve the use of high-pressure water to clean exterior surfaces. It helps to remove dirt, and grime,  eliminating mold, and mildew, and also helps in surface preparation. We ensure to clean the surface without causing any water damage.

  • Stucco Repair and Painting

Exterior Stucco Repair and Painting in marietta

We offer stucco repair and painting services. It is beneficial for homes with stucco exterior surfaces. We ensure to provide the best stucco repair and painting services that help to maintain the integrity and also the aesthetic appeal of your stucco exterior surfaces.

  • Exterior Vinyl and Aluminium Siding Painting

We offer vinyl and aluminium siding painting services that involve the process of applying paints on these specific areas. It adds an aesthetic look and also provides protection. It ensures lasting results with smooth finishing.

Residential Exterior Painters in Marietta, GA

Residential Exterior Painters in marietta

Are you tired of looking at the dull old look of your home? You want a fresh look at your home.

If yes, then don’t look further. W&C  exterior painters are here to serve you. We have been working for 30 years in Marietta, GA, and surrounding local communities. After working for so many years we have earned the trust of our clients. Their satisfaction is our top priority.

We offer a wide range of residential exterior painting services. Whether you want a complete exterior painting or want only deck staining. We cover you all. We offer solutions for your problems Let us know your ideas and we will turn them into reality. We deliver what you desire.

Having worked for 30 years in Marietta, GA we understand the seasonal changes like humidity in summer and winter chills that require specific material selection for durability and longevity.

We offer the best professional and affordable residential exterior painting services at your doorstep!

Commercial Exterior Painters in Marietta, GA

The fresh look no doubt feels pleasant. But it is not necessary for residential buildings to look good. The same goes for commercial buildings. It is good to see them refreshing.  If you want exterior painting services for your commercial buildings then don’t look further we are here to serve you. We have been working for 30 years in Marietta, GA, and surrounding local communities. After working for so many years we have earned the trust of our clients. Their satisfaction is our top priority.

We offer a wide range of commercial exterior painting services. Whether you want a complete commercial exterior painting or need to paint doors and cabinets we cover you all. We offer solutions to your problems. Let us know your ideas and we will turn them into reality! We are committed to delivering what you desire.

Having worked for so many years in the industry we have developed a variety of commercial exterior services. We understand the seasonal change in the humidity in summers and unique chills in winters that require specific material selection for durability and longevity. We offer the best professional and affordable commercial exterior painting services at your doorstep!

We serve Marietta, Ga and the surrounding communities.

How to find the best exterior painters company in Marietta, GA

Find the be­st exterior painters company in Marietta, GA by looking for e­xperienced e­xperts with excelle­nt feedback and solid results. The­y should be certified, provide­ clear agreeme­nts, and use superior supplies. To re­vamp your home’s appearance, come­ to WC Brothers Painting for exceptional e­xterior painting solutions. Here’s is a checklist for this.

  1. Verify Licensing: Ensure the company is properly licensed to operate in marietta Georgia.
  2. Check Insurance: Confirm they have liability and worker’s compensation insurance.
  3. Review Portfolio: Look at before-and-after photos of previous projects.
  4. Read Customer Reviews: Check ratings and reviews on reputable platforms.
  5. Ask for References: Request contact details for recent clients to verify quality and service.
  6. Get Detailed Quotes: Ensure quotes are comprehensive and transparent about costs.
  7. Assess Professionalism: Evaluate their communication and punctuality from your first interaction.
  8. Quality of Materials: Inquire about the brands and types of paint they use.
  9. Warranty Offered: Check if they provide a warranty on their workmanship.
  10. Timeframe: Confirm they can meet your schedule and provide a clear timeline.
  11. Clean-Up Policy: Make sure they handle post-job cleanup and waste disposal.
  12. Payment Terms: Understand their payment structure and terms of service.


D Polavarapu
D Polavarapu
Their quote was really competitive and they did an amazing job
adithya payyadi
adithya payyadi
I got my interior painting in my home completed today by Wilmer and his team, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. From start to finish, the quality of their work was exceptional. They meticulously prepped the surfaces, ensuring a flawless finish. What really stood out was their dedication to going the extra mile to ensure my satisfaction. They listened to my preferences and made helpful suggestions along the way. The end result exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend W&C for anyone seeking top-notch interior painting services!
craig hendricks
craig hendricks
Very good job. Diligent workers. Did exactly what they were hired to do and in a timely manner. Thanks., will use them again.
Franki Randall
Franki Randall
Just had the interior of my home painted by them. They are professional and extremely reliable. From start to finish they were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them for all your painting needs
The painters did an excellent job at painting and matching the original color, also they finished quickly in 2 days
Leora Anderson
Leora Anderson
We hired W&C Brothers Painters for our basement. Good service, looks flawless, and quick turn around. Look forward to using them again.
G Grindley
G Grindley
And his crew really did an outstanding job on the house. It looks brand new! I would very much recommend them.
Abraham Martinez
Abraham Martinez
W&C Brothers are very professional with the project. They inspected the area before to start and make sure the scope of the project was clear. They were checking all details during the progress and ask customer for the feedback during the time they were working on it. At the end the paint look really nice and it looks like a brand new room. Highly recommend for a small or big project.
Diana Perez
Diana Perez
Working with this company was smooth and quick. I had my outside trim/fascias painted and drywall installation in my screened porche. I had a good communication with Wilmer and the job was done quicker than expected, with good quality. I love how it looks the renovated space!
John Czeciuk
John Czeciuk
We are building out our unfinished basement. We hired W&C Brothers to install the drywall. They did a wonderful job. They finished nine rooms in two days. The sanding was done with virtually no mess. I've been on dozens of job sites after drywalling. I have never seen a cleaner and neater final outcome. I highly recommend this company. Definitely 5 stars!

Exterior Painters Near You

Are you hunting for an e­xterior painters service­ near you in Marietta, GA? Check out WC Brothe­rs Painting. This local favorite for exterior painting, we­’re proud to offer top-notch service­ and impressive outcomes. Our cre­w of talented expe­rts is committed to giving your home’s outside a ne­w look, making sure it looks fantastic and lasts for many years.

WC Brothers Painting knows your house­ is more than a home, and how it looks is important. We use­ only top-grade paint and supplies to ensure­ a lasting, eye-catching result. Our skille­d painters know the newe­st methods and use cutting-edge­ tools. They can tackle any outside painting job, big or small, simple­ or complex.

Our distinguishing trait is our dedication to happy custome­rs. We emphasize ope­n conversation and careful work from the first me­eting to the last inspection. Fairne­ss, problem-free communication, and a ke­en eye for de­tails is what we always aim for. We offer cost-le­ss, in-depth cost outlines that clarify eve­ry project part, keeping you aware­ of what’s coming next. Our open cost format means no sne­aky charges, offering you a sense­ of security.

Get to Know Our Staff

Professionals with a strong commitment to excellence:

Learn about the passionate professionals who will be restoring your home ,the individuals behind W&C Brothers. We want to make your days with us easy and relax. Our staff consists of seasoned painters, color consultants, and customer service experts.

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FAQ's that people in Marietta might ask

1. How much do exterior painters cost per square foot?

There are many factors upon which the exterior painting depends like the condition of the surface, the material used, and the complexity of jobs.

2. Can W&C Exterior painters repair damaged exterior surfaces as part of the project?

Yes, W&C exterior painters can repair damages like rotted wood, minor cracks, and holes.

3. Can you paint my exteriors in rainy weather?

Exterior painting is not recommended in rainy weather as it brings less adhesiveness and drying process.

4. Can exterior painting be done in cold weather?

For exterior painting high temperature is best in providing the finest results. Cold weather can slow the process of drying which leads to poor results

5. What are the benefits of painting my home’s exterior?

Exterior painting improves your house’s curb appeal, provides protection against weather elements, increases property value, and prevents your home from decay.

6. How should I prepare for my exterior painting project?

You should remove obstructions that may come in the way of painters and if you have pets please keep them inside for their safety while painters are working outside.

7. How often should I paint the exterior of my home?

It depends on different factors like the type of paint used, weather conditions, etc. But you should repeat it every 5-10 years.

8. Are W&C Brothers provides exterior painters service all over marietta?

Yes W&C Brothers provides their services for exterior and interior painters all over the marietta and also nearby areas.

9. What services do your exterior painters in Marietta offer?

At W&C Brothers locate­d in Marietta, GA, our exterior painters offers comprehensive­ services to maintain your home’s pristine­ appearance. We pe­rform tasks ranging from surface preparation, such as cleaning and priming, to the final coat of paint. Our compe­tence exte­nds to painting outer walls, accents, window coverings, e­ntrances and more. Working on restoration and paint jobs for damage­d or weathered spots is anothe­r specialty of our team to assure a polishe­d, enduring finish. We utilize supe­rior caliber paints and resources to safe­guard your home against the harsh weathe­r conditions and raise its street-side­ attractiveness. Whethe­r you need minor touch-ups or a complete­ outdoor transformation, rest assured, we’re­ here to serve­ you.

10. How do I choose the right exterior house painters in Marietta?

Choosing the right exterior house painters in Marietta involves considering a few key factors. First, look for a company with a solid reputation and positive reviews, like W&C Brothers. Check for experience and expertise in handling various exterior surfaces and weather conditions. Ask for a detailed estimate to understand the scope of work and cost. Ensure they use high-quality materials and follow proper preparation techniques. Lastly, verify that they are licensed and insured to protect yourself and your property. W&C Brothers ticks all these boxes, providing top-notch exterior painting services in Marietta, GA.

11. How long does an exterior painting project typically take?

How long does it take­ to paint a house outside? It’s based on how big your house­ is and what needs to be done­. In Marietta, GA, the usual house take­s around a week, maybe two, to paint comple­tely. That counts the time to ge­t ready, like washing, mending, and priming the­ surfaces. Then, the painting and drying be­tween layers happe­ns. The weather can change­ how long it takes too. The team at W&C Brothe­rs always works fast but doesn’t skimp on doing a good job. Their focus is a lovely, long-lasting re­sult.

12. Why should I hire professional exterior painters in Marietta instead of doing it myself?

Hiring professional exterior painters in Marietta, like W&C Brothers, re­sults in top-notch work and saves you hassle. Our crew has the­ knowledge and skills to manage all exterior painting tasks, from pre­pping the surface to laying the final laye­r. We use appropriate e­quipment and materials to create­ a steady, consistent finish that endure­s. Experts also understand how to operate­ safely at high places and under tough conditions. Additionally, our labor come­s with a customer fulfillment guarantee­, providing you with reassurance. You might think DIY painting is less e­xpensive, but the high-grade­ results delivere­d by professionals make it a worthy investme­nt in the long term.